#46 Here’s To The Future

When you scour the net and find a list of good new music this long, it inspires you 🙂

Wise Blood aka Chris Laufman has changed his style a little, but it’s embracing the current trend of shoegazer and indie. This track is a grower; grabbing your interest from the first listen and gaining favour with every listen.

Soon after Abel’s dabble with the gods, (sampling Portishead and not asking – which created the track ‘Belong To The World’ which we previewed on the blog a couple of weeks ago), he’s back with one of his truly own creations ‘Love In The Sky’. Showcasing his distinctive vocals on top of a suitably modern RnB inspired beat – this is another tune from The Weeknd.

Basecamp – three producers (Aaron Miller, Aaron C. Harmon, and Jordan Reyes) who met in Nashville and have made something that sounds like The Weeknd meets Disclosure meets future. A freedownload taken from their forthcoming EP, ‘Emmanuel’ is just the start.

Now the headline for this man reads: ‘Eddie Gomez is an emerging Latino singer/songwriter from Portland, Oregon who currently resides in Los Angeles.’ He sounds like Alex Clare meets blues and it sounds fantastic! This is the debut track from the ‘No’ EP that’s release August 27th. A very accessible pop infused tune.

Aussie pop stars San Cisco have had their latest single ‘Fred Astaire’ remixed by Joywave (who we featured on the blog last week), a New York group who have shown something special with this dub / tropical remix of a quintessential pop tune.

Whilst Dave Sitek is off being famous for producing a lot of fun stuff, TV On The Radio have returned with a studio version of this live favourite ‘Mercy’. Surprisingly heavy compared to the last album’s worth of stuff.

London based singer / songwriter Tizrah has found a new home on the legendary label Greco-Roman with her latest piece of work ‘I’m Not Dancing’. Sounding great in a underground dance way and sure to make it’s way into the big sets across Ibiza and the DJ circuit this season. Not bad from a classically trained artist.

Damn! Is there anything that Ty Segall can’t do right? His side project Fuzz (suitably named) has put this beastie out there, that for the first three minutes is actually a song…the rest? Just noise. But creative cred where you think due.

Candian Ryan Hemsworth has studied Journalism in the UK, but that’s not the only thing he succeeded in. This time he’s working with MAD DECENT singer LIZ and has created a rather attractive dance tune. Taken elements from the 90’s dance scene could this be a new AlunaGeorge-esque thing?

It’s rather popular to be a duo out of New York at the moment. Seems to be working well for the dance / electro scene. Cue introducing you to yet another one: ASTR – consisting of Zoe on vocals and Adam on the rest – apparently inspired by 60/70’s cinema scores. Interesting…

And leaving you with on last blast from Scotland. Haha – yes, they’re bloody talented this lot. Hudson Mohawke, Unicorn Kid and Young Fathers. They are doing something amazing for the urban / MC scene with this music. A true example of future music. Being featured on the ‘Show Me The Future Volume 2’ out later this month I highly recommend a trawl through their soundcloud  to be prepared.

Elise x


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