#49 Stop The World

Sometimes music can make you stop dead in your tracks right? The first time you hear a bass line drop or an incredible riff. Still waiting for the new Arctic Monkeys stuff to hit me with something incredible, but there new tunes are very catchy. Give 'em that. Next from the 'AM' album that's due... Continue Reading →

#48 Things that sound like other things, but a bit different, which is good.

Arguably all things sound a little bit like something else, but a little bit different. You can spend hours talking to other people about how this band sounds like that band with a bit of this artist in for the finishing touch. BUT...it is those little things that do make it a new song, a... Continue Reading →

#47 Writing like a proper blog

Lots of really brand new stuff on the blog this week so dive in with open ears. Soulmind is someone you should check out if you like your trap. Seriously - this mix was released during the week 'Slow Dancing In A Ski Mask' and it sounds brilliant if you have a head for the... Continue Reading →

#46 Here’s To The Future

When you scour the net and find a list of good new music this long, it inspires you 🙂 Wise Blood aka Chris Laufman has changed his style a little, but it's embracing the current trend of shoegazer and indie. This track is a grower; grabbing your interest from the first listen and gaining favour with... Continue Reading →

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