#45 Working late into the night

…has it’s advantages. The world talks to each other more in the UK night time I reckon. I found a lot more new music by kicking about until the early hours the last few nights.

Brooklyn producer ARCA is first up with his new mixtape ‘&&&&&’. Who’s that do you ask? Only only one of the Kanye West Yeezus producers. So not much eh? This 25 minutes piece is a mixture of ambient beats, enchanting loops and a horror soundtrack.

Next up, New York’s Joywave. Taken from their new (free download) 88888 mixtape, this track has been remixed by Brooklyn / NY duo Big Data. And they’ve really brought an edge to the track that the original failed to grasp. If moombahton met electro indie…

You can always rely on the Americans to bring something that sounds reminiscent of the early 00’s alt-rock scene that I adore. Sounding like Hell Is For Heroes, mixed with Smashing Pumpkins with a huge anthemic chorus, Balance And Composure. Taken from the new album ‘The Things We Think We’re Missing’ which is of course handled by Hassle Records. Who else! I’m very much looking forward to this one. Fans of Mallory Knox and Lower Than Atlantis can easily appreciate.

The words exorcism, Garth Merenghi, and LA lurch have been used to describe Clarence Clarity. Imagine Jai Paul, a walking bassline and Prince have got together in a blending. It’s sounding rad. Taken from the ‘Save Thyself’ EP which is due in September this has to be a lasting thought for the week! Thanks @PhilyTaggart for that heads up.

Elise x


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