#43 When you take a week off you have twice as much to share…

That be the truth. Last weekend was spent preparing for something I don’t think I succeeded in. Nevermind!

Jamie Lidell anyone? Loved ‘What A Shame’ when I first heard that track a while ago. Found out  he’s six albums in, but better late to the part than never right? The video for this screams 80’s, but I’m not worried about that. Jamie’s soulful happy music really suits the scene.

Keeping with the chilled vibe, but taking it down a notch and left into trippy land, let’s hear solo Sampha music. Listen to this and you will instantly hear his influence on SBTRKT’s debut offering and his work with Jessie Ware. Taken from his EP ‘Dual’ which is out on the 29th July. Beautifully fitting for this summer eve.

Female is a Melbourne producer making waves in the same way Flume did when he came to my attention last year. This track ‘Night’ pressing all the right button. Keep it up fella. Want to hear that EP when it sounds right…

Imagine you’ve combined a Sampha-esque vocal with a Disclosure stripped beat and you might just have Mali Michael. Mighty fresh artist to the ear, but then I was saying that about Half Moon Run and Imagine Dragons not so long ago…

I really want Elliphant to be amazing, but it’s an wave of bloody incredible and mass appeal. I think this one is the latter but it will sound good in the summer season. Stockholm’s finest M.I.A. inspired artist bringing us Diplo style beats after spending some time travelling round the UK listening to music. ‘Music Is Life’ – let’s all clap together…

‘Secondhand Rapture’ by MS MR has to have provided the best female sounding voice ever. Lizzy & Max from New York are very good at making their pop / electro / 80’s infused sound. Cue next single…

RDGLDGRN – Dave Grohl’s well-publicised new favourite band. Yeah, they’re good, but then they made this tune and it is SIIIIIICK. Loving the video for ‘Looting In London’ that seems to have grabbed a combination of Stratford’s youth and members of the EDL. Good try though…

I heard Raleigh Ritchie a little while ago as one of the ‘it’ UK producers and whilst respecting his work, was not wowed. But then he made ‘A Moor’. A fantastic offering of a slow tempo mellow RnB infused pop track.

Bristol’s Komon is taking me back to a great place of teenage ‘Kisstory’ style youth. A quick browse will see a lot of you enjoying this beat. 

Stepping into the spotlight this week, London’s Ben Khan has put ‘Drive (Part 1) onto his soundcloud and put Jai Paul on edge. For those of you that haven’t been stung by the sounds of Jai, sure go check him out, but Ben Khan is the new neu…

It’s tropical indie time! Yes, that designated part of your week when tropical sounds sound great on your playlist. And here’s the man to try it out…Dan Croll ‘In / Out’. The least and most tacky use of green screen I’ve seen in a long while, but you find yourself not finding it naff by a few bars in. Lolz…

And leaving you with the new Azealia Banks / Pharrell tune ‘ATM Jam’. Doesn’t matter if it’s not your thing. If you haven’t heard it you won’t be able to have at least 7 conversations this week. Do your homework kids. And pay attention to the weird MJ style evil laugh sample throughout.

If you like the random alt sounds of the blog why not check out the Alive And Amplified – the radio show  – every Thursday at 7pm a new episode goes up for your playlist to the alt scene.

Elise x


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