#42 Big returns to the scene from a variety of genres

There’s been a collection of triumphant returns to the music scene, starting with Franz Ferdinand. Now Franz have a special place in my music collection. Many a summer holiday spent driving round in my friends car with the self-titled debut on. I remember my first shout out on Radio1 was when Colin Murray announced they have won the Mercury Music Prize in 2004 for that album, and he read my comment out first. ‘Well deserved’. And I still stand by that. And after a 4 year break they are back. With a distinctly Franz sound, but still sounding refreshing in the current same old scene.

Radiator Hospital aka Sam Cook-Parrott sounds like he’s really enjoying life. With a great distinctive voice and also involved in Waxahatchee from the Philly scene. Good summer vibes.

Born in Switzerland, but now living in Vancouver, Cyril Hahn is doing awesome things for the music scene. He’s just been signed to Disclosure’s lable PMR after releasing remixes of Haim and Destiny’s Child. This new track features the gorgeous vocals of Shy Girls.

So what’s the story with Bloc Party you ask? They’re definitely going on a hiatus. Shame eh? But before they go, they’re giving us a 5 track EP ‘The Nextwave Sessions’. This is a fantastic track. Although hints of Wiley ‘Wearing My Rolex’ have been discussed!

Having the privilege to listen to everyone that uses the BBC Introducing Uploader can be a blessing or a curse. Lots of average or unplayable music and occasionally something fantastic. Haus are an example of the latter. 6 young guys from London who sound well practiced and well mixed. Now, I’ve heard the new material, but this track February sounds like a tropical (and just a promising) The 1975. 

An FYI for many of you, but still a great track you should know about. Brand new Tinie Tempah. Got it’s world premiere Tuesday evening. Trampoline. Feat. 2 Chainz.

And leaving you this week with MIA. She’s a boss. New tune dropped over the last couple of days and it’s rad.

New episode of Alive And Amplified, the radio show goes up Thursday 7pm if you want to hear tracks like this and more…

Elise x


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