#41 Summer with the sun turned down

And they say there won’t be any mud for Glastonbury? Hmm. Watching the rain pour down my window in sunny June for the millionth time today doesn’t convince me much, but trust the weather man eh?

Xxyyxx will be no stranger to the Orlando / indie electronica scene, but 2 years into his a main career I feel there are still new ears yet to sample his work. It’s experimental, it’s ambient/lo fi, but there’s something trippy that I like listening to, be it in the sunny heat, or the cold of night in this new track ‘Pay Attention’.

I brought you some Two Inch Astronaut  previously on the blog, but since then the new album has been released. ‘Bad Brother’ has been keeping me company for almost a week now and it’s reminding me of all the fun stuff that inspired me to pick up a guitar. One of my favourites off the LP is ‘Zones’ which, in just over 2 minutes, gives ms hints of a plethora of American bands who’s listening defined my tastes as a teenager. Definitely worth lending an ear.

Another artist whom I’ve been supporting in the past on this blog is Jaymes Young. Keeping his name in the spotlight with a new offering ‘Hold You Down’ – reaching Number 1 on the Hype Machine when it first came out a couple weeks back. And playing his first live show in LA shortly as well. Radar locked in on this one.

Released on what is dubbed to be one of the weirdest labels out there, let me introduce Scraper ‘Alien Eyes’. It doesn’t surprise me that Ty Segall has his name stamped on this one, by recording the track with the band. San Francisco has been export to many things. Papa Roach, Green Day (pretty much), Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and now these guys.  #Variety

I’m waiting for Glass Animals to do something crap. Luckily, they haven’t even got close with their next track. They’ve been so good until now. There’s very few artists out there who I can say I love every track of and these guys might be joining the elite club at this rate. I think these could be the most exciting thing since Alt-J. People just don’t realise yet. The new track ‘Exxus’ is beautiful.

I’m not sure what kind of music this next track is. I couldn’t stop listening, but I was telling myself it sounds like Cyndi Lauper and spandex should make an appearance. But London producer Sophie has got quite the tune here.

Mayors Of Miyazaki were a Soundcheck track of the week over on the Alive And Amplified radio show / podcast recently and have released their debut album this month. Having a listen through you can hear a great modern mix of a lot of key bands in my history. Elements of ¡Forward Russia! & Mother Vulpine spring to mind. But this is my favourite of the 10 offerings ‘ Parts Per Million’.

And as a lasting thought, I’ll tease you ahead to tomorrow’s release of Tom Odell’s debut album tomorrow. Having had a full listen in advance I was skeptical that this would be another pop singer/songwriter piece. But it’s a fantastic album. By someone so young. Crossing many genres and reminding me of the greats that include Jeff Buckley. Be proud of yourself Tom.

So for music from the alt scene and a bit more, why not check out the weekly radio  show / podcast thingywhatnot. Alive And Amplified – every Thursday 7pm.

Elise x


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