#40 The day before the best week of the year?

It could well be. With Radio 1 Rocks starting up tomorrow with Jimmy Eat World and QOTSA and carrying on with some amazing performances thru ’till Thursday it will be epic. If you’ve not seen the hour long set from QOTSA Live On Letterman that’s streaming on the net for now.

But for new tunes this week, Hooded Fang are presenting something new again this week in the form of the title track (well kinda), from the new album ‘Gravez’. They’ve gone with the correct spelling of ‘Graves’ for the song title. Again encompassing all the fun things about guitars and drums and jumping about listening to such music.

Thom Yorke – just casually DJing for his friends at KCRW when he dropped a new tune. As you do! As an extract from the radio show itself, this extract below does feature the ramblings of Yorke as he introduces it (in his own way), as something you’ve never heard before. “This is a remix of ‘All I Need’ that turned into a new song that no one’s ever heard, and we didn’t know what to do with.”

After announcing two more albums that could be on the cards for this year Beck has chucked out this this new track ‘Defriended’ which definitely won’t appear on either of the two new albums. It sounds fantastic. It reminds me of the Beck I used to listen to back into the 90’s when I was super-excited about all guitar and alternative music and I was hearing and discovering artists for the first time.

Christopher & Florian from the UK make music together. If you’ve seen Ghostpoet out on tour you might have heard Deafkid perform live. I didn’t go and see Ghostpoet live. But I am now hearing of Deafkid and I’m realy digging the new track ‘Vigilante’. Electro-pop with tropical hints?

It’s very good, but I was getting a bit used to associating Sweden with new wave electro-pop females doing their thing. Luckily Ra are far from it. A five-piece of men from Malmo in Sweden are presenting their punk, psychedelic pop for our ears in the form of ‘Bloodline’. The EP of the same name will be out later this month, but this is a great introduction for now.

If you like what you hear why not check out the weekly radio show Alive And Amplified? Uploaded every Thursday 7pm for you to check out.

Elise x


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