#39 Is it summer yet?

Completely off the topic of music, but I think summer might have just turned up? I’m having a BBQ later to celebrate. So if it rains I’m gonna be mighty pissed off. But! I got up nice and early to sort this lovely post for you. Starting with a gentleman named Meeka Kates.

Brought to my attention by the wonder of email communication on this blog this is a similar sound to Dallas Green / City & Colour with more layers. Philadelphia artist with a few songs under his belt, but one to watch across the summer for stripped back electro, pop tunes.

Ninja tune’s Thundercat is back with his new LP ‘Apocalypse’ which you can stream for free online. After skipping through the whole album, I must say the first track ‘Tenfold’ is a stand out. Starting out like a soulful / RnB fuelled The Invisible, Thundercat is leading the summer for electro-ambient sounds. 

Oooh! This one’s a good’un. And they come in the form of Maryland trio Two Inch Astronaut offering some off-beat indie with little outbursts of light grunge riffs. Taken from the ‘Bad Brother’ album that’s due out June 18th, I’ve got my order in.

Next up is Warp’s golden boy Mount Kimbie. The big track came from his collab with King Krule, (that doesn’t interest me in the slightest sadly), but this London duo are actually fantastic and the new album ‘Cold Spring Fault Less Youth’ is an engaging listen in a time of drab releases.

Los Angeles has a lot to offer. The streets are paved with gold, it’s sunny, there’s a beach, rich people like there and some people stuck some cardboard letters on a hill and it’s a global sensation. It’s chucking out a lot of talent at the moment from across the genre’s and everyone from Karen O to Laura Marling are living out there. But Jaymes Young. He’s a new one to the mix. One music fanatic like music described his music as ‘warbling synths, and chillingly pulsating beats’, which I thoroughly agree with. I love this artist. I just don’t want him to end up like the Neighbourhood and harbour one of my tunes of the year, with an album full of  filler :-/

Finally! Someone with as much love for paint / paintbrush software as me. And getting away with putting on a release. Krill are Somerville’s finest. Combining a tonne of American artists sounds that I love; Saves The Day (mellowed out) being the main one.  This track is taken from the main release ‘Lucky Leaves’ out 24th June. This is what they have to say about themselves: Lucky Leaves was recorded on February 1st, 2013 by Carlos Hernandez and Julian Fader at The Silent Barn in Brooklyn, NY. Mastered by Richard Marr at Galaxy Park Studios in Watertown, MA. All songs by Krill, a trio of friends from the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston.

Oh hi Paul Dixon aka f  y f e. I met this rather articulate and passionate musician under the guise of ‘David’s Lyre’ which sadly disbanded a couple of years back. Well…it didn’t turn out that sad right? Because frontman Paul Dixon is back under his new guise of f y f e. Making more captivating tunes which show of his talent for making pop sound so much more. Check him out on his debut June 18th show in London. It won’t be disappointing.

If you like what you hear, why not check out the next episode of Alive And Amplified – the weekly radio show you can stream whenever, (but uploaded every Thursday at 7pm fresh).

Elise x



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