#41 Summer with the sun turned down

And they say there won't be any mud for Glastonbury? Hmm. Watching the rain pour down my window in sunny June for the millionth time today doesn't convince me much, but trust the weather man eh? Xxyyxx will be no stranger to the Orlando / indie electronica scene, but 2 years into his a main career... Continue Reading →

#40 The day before the best week of the year?

It could well be. With Radio 1 Rocks starting up tomorrow with Jimmy Eat World and QOTSA and carrying on with some amazing performances thru 'till Thursday it will be epic. If you've not seen the hour long set from QOTSA Live On Letterman that's streaming on the net for now. But for new tunes this... Continue Reading →

#39 Is it summer yet?

Completely off the topic of music, but I think summer might have just turned up? I'm having a BBQ later to celebrate. So if it rains I'm gonna be mighty pissed off. But! I got up nice and early to sort this lovely post for you. Starting with a gentleman named Meeka Kates. Brought to my... Continue Reading →

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