#36 The new IT band

The new band of the moment for me; the new Alt-J type love waiting in the sidelines has to be Glass Animals. Having heard some of their initial work and featuring ‘Cocoa Hooves’ as one of my Top 10 Tracks of 2012. They’ve released a new track on Soundcloud which is beautifully cryptic and demands attention. Playing a few dates around the country including an Electrowerkz London date June 19th. See you there.

Remember Be Your Own Pet? Teenage angst defined. Well, they’re no longer a band, but luckily we’ve got Marmozets with a heavier mosh sound. Brilliant for the rocksound crowd  but melodic enough to not shut the door on the rest of us. Just off to record the first album the track ‘Born Young And Free’ pretty much sums up what they’re thinking.

Lana Del Rey has it all right? After having the pleasure of meeting her before the band wagon really took off I can vouch to say she’s genuienly sweet and giddy with the prospect of people hearing her music. It’s like passing that exam or getting that dream job for her. She’s made a smash on to the music scene and she’s trying to love every minute. For a lady who spoke to eloquently and passionately about her love for cinematic soundtracks, getting on the Great Gatsby soundtrack makes sense. And after hearing this you’ll understand.

And wrapping up today with a nice bit of LA synth pop. Attracting my attention because I initially skipped to the middle of the track and heard elements of a handful of other Californian bands. But them I actually used my ears and heard the unmistakable talent of this indie track.

For music like this and more from the alternative music scene why not check out the weekly episode of Alive And Amplified – available every Thursday at 7pm.

Till then, Elise x


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