#35 Back to posting with more than 3 artists.

It has been a bit dry of late, thus the sparse posting of music. But thanks to this week we’ve got some very juicy stuff doing the rounds.

Mikal Cronin usually makes the kind of music I try not to like, but with this new tune I can’t help but want to get in a car and go driving. Or sit down with a group of mates and film a montage of the ‘best bits of summer’. Ha. Really cheesy American film scenes and all that. But this is a catchy number he’s produced here:

Really like the vocals of MsMr‘s Lizzy Plapinger. In a sea of female vocal crap in todays music scene she stands out. And a key track of theirs ‘Hurricane’ has been given the 80’s once over by Scottish trio Chvrches who have done a respectable job of giving this track a makeover.

Good ol’Kid Cudi who gave us pop/bass hits such as Day’N’Nite a few summers ago has returned with his new album ‘Indicud’ which is sounding ace. In a raptastic way, (I’m down with the kidz). I’ve had a preview listen of a few tracks but this next expletive containing title is a stand out track for me.

Majical Cloudz featured as my ‘Soundcheck’ track over on weekly episode of Alive And Amplified, the radio show in recent weeks and he’s back again! This time with another track that’s verging more and more in old Radiohead land than ever before. Apparently formed after singing over a piano loop and enjoying the freedom live on stage. Devon Welsh is really starting to show his vocal potential in this track and I’m all ears.


Someone from the London music scene that’s stirred the hypemachine this week is Twigs. With a very Massive Attack style to production on this track, it’s a new artist to my ears. But will sound amazing if you’re listening on some half-decent quality speakers for sure. Depth and bass. Beautiful things. I’ve yet to work out if the video is clever origami or some weird silhouette filming.

Sir Sly – we first heard of them when they introduced themselves to the British music scene seemly riding off the back of The Neighbourhood’s success. But they’ve proved themselves far more interesting than that. Not due for release until August as a single, you’ve got plenty of time to see if it suits you. But with a mixture of beats, pop and emotive vocals it’ll strike a chord somewhere.

When I first looked up Menage A Trois on recommendation from a friend I was horrified to see a trio from Bristol who use ukelele’s and banjos and ‘have a party’. Well, this is all good news,but not quite for me. Luckily I was put wrong by the fact they’re a brand spanking new piece from Manchester who happen to have the same name. Although the video worries me, the song itself is a great introduction.

LAW – She’s Scottish. She’s not the new Angel Haze or anything, but there’s attitude, a unique voice and lyrical prowess in her new track  ‘Hustle’. One for the radar. I don’t know too much about here, apart from the fact there’s a talent to be watched.

And lastly introducing some of you, (some will of course, already be in the know) to Kirk Spencer. Nottingham’s dance, dub, beats, remix man of the moment. With some heavy dub he’s actually playing in London town as I type this. Shame I’m too late to catch a great night. Next time Kirk…next time.

For more music from the alternative scene why not check out my new music show? It comes in the form of Alive And Amplified and I upload it here weekly – Thursday at 7pm. Come check it out. And find out what I sound like alongside other musical goodness.

Elise x


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