#38 Canoes, knees and mayors

Royal Canoe were a band I first heard back at SXSW 2011 and they sounded awesome. But, unlike the majority of bands who pass through the biggest new music festival in the world, these guys have kept bubbling under on my music radar and have gone with ‘Hold Onto The Metal’ for the next single. With a mixture of math bars and electro, pop, indie mix to build it up, this is a multi-layered and captivating listen.

They’re a three piece from London. Formed 2005-ish. They’ve released an EP, an LP and one split. This is awesome post-rock sounding a little like ASIWYFA with vocals. Thank you BBC Introducing for helping me find Mayors Of Miyazaki.

Another finding from the BBC Introducing uploader for London comes from London Soundklash – a North London duo who came to my attention for the bass in this track and the rest came with the first listen. Taken from the forthcoming EP ‘Yellowblue’ which I will check out. It’s not rock, but very few can deny a good tune whatever genre.

Now through my musing with 4zzz – an alternative community run station in Brisbane, Australia, I’ve come to learn lots about the amazing Australian music scene that I love. Ta-Ku is one of them and this Sydney boy has taken to giving Daughter ‘Love Lost’ a goreous re-edit.

Hooded Fang are (and I’ve said this before on twitter), one of those bands that make me want ‘to pack it all in and go be in a band’. They have fun! And their music is brilliant. The unsung herores of the alternative scene for sure. They recorded this song as a special session track when I was still broadcasting on DIY but it was at that point unamed. Luckily this week they’ve thrown it upon the world as ‘Bye Bye Land’.

I did go through a phase of getting Bloody Knees and their Australian similar named bros Bleeding Knees Club confused. But that was ridiculous. So I sorted that out rather easily. Cambridge was home to Mallory Knox and a university. Now it has Bloody Knees scuzzed fuelled punk to it’s list of important folk too.

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#37 Ahead of my first experience of seeing The Beards live tomorrow

It’s worth sharing with you the Adelaide bearded wonders that I’m seeing for the first time tomorrow in Hoxton – The Beards. Great tune, great lyrics and I reckon a great night out.

But in terms of new music out this week let’s start with new Torche – stoner rock straight out of Miami. Woohoo! First new material since their third album ‘Harmonicraft’ came out last year and it’s sounding great in the Sunday sunshine here.

Next up is the only slow song on the books this week, but a stunning vocal display from North Londoner Alex RV Phillips. Think Dallas Green style but very stripped back acoustic support. This is just the beginning for this artist. I’ve not heard much of the rest, but this is a fantastic introduction.

Now The Ladykillers come from Liverpool and I’ve just heard their brand new single ‘A OK’ which is brilliant. But sounds suspiciously like The Hives. Uncanny!

Moving slightly left and up on the UK map These Monsters  are living breathing Leeds music scene. Paying homage to Pulled Apart By Horses and their sound, (who no doubt pay homage to the Leeds scene and thus the circle starts again), are brilliant. Very exciting new music from this team. Check out the Soundcloud page for more yummy material from this lot and lets hope we get them on the festival circuit soon.

PS – sweet video. Albeit a bit Bo Selecta.

You say her name ‘moo’. No mo. The line through the ‘O’ means you accentuate the o. But whatever your language this is a great offering from an alt. Scandi lady who’s unique onstage presence is making just as eccentric a name for her as her music. MØ – playing out at Dot To Dot festival this season if you’re north / west of the UK. Go see her for yourself.

The album is coming. ‘Ideal Cities’ due for release at the end of the month – Roomrunner are doing for my ears now what Reuben did ten years ago. They’ve not graced us this side of the Atlantic yet, but friends in the states say they are the new Nirvana both live and in recordings. Quite the claim!

I must admit the spelling I created for Google looked nothing like ‘massachusetts’, but that’s where Speedy Ortiz come from. And like Buke & Gase they’re fronted vocally by a great female singer making grungy alt rock that you just don’t get in the UK. We’re being presented recently with a lot of bands trying to make ‘In Utero #2’ but it’s a great sound that’s coming out so by all means carry on…

I’m not sure what music Seagullinvasion make, but I can only recommend you listen to it through speakers that have a rather respectable bass capability and then it all makes sense. What you can’t appreciate melodically you can through the rattling ribcage. They’re not dub or dance by any means. But they’re something. And it’s an experience to listen to. Bonkers is  a favourite.


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