#33 Soul, blues and rocknroll

Most of what’s come through this week on the music vine. Starting with Newtimers. Heard of them yet? Screaming an 80’s soul sound, that automatically made me think of Michael Jackson. Very summery and still we’ve got to hit 20degrees. 

Bibio aka Stephen Wilkinson is an established producer, but just coming to light in my ears with his track ‘You’. Taken from his forthcoming album ‘Silver Wilkinson’ coming out on Warp later this year. Although it takes a while to get going it’s a great summer garden tune when it does. Glad to have found this one. 

One from the BBC Introducing Uploader this week and it comes in the form of Rufio Summers. A blusey, rocknroll artist with some fantastic new music coming up that’s more in the line of Gary Clarke Jr, this is one piece of London talent to keep an eye on. 

And leaving you this week with a brand new London band called FRAUDS – aka Chris & Mike who create a right old racket not too dissimilar to the likes made by Queens Of The Stone Age on the timeless classic ‘Songs For The Deaf’ album. 

And more from me on the weekly episode of Alive And Amplified – an alternative radio show right here on the blog – every Thursday at 7pm.

Elise x



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