#32 Who’s a hipster now? Whatever.

…thanks for joining us this week. If you are, you’re officially on the pulse of new music. One might call it being a hipster. I just call it liking new music. You can pick whatever title suits you.

Arizona trio Moodie Black have presented some experimental hip hop that pays homage to Death Grips and other MC based hip hop artists of the current scene. The full self-title EP is worth a listen to as well. Are you a hipster?

For fans of TNGHT you can check out the next offering. Not as strong as ‘Higher Ground’ which will forever remain my first mainstream trap anthem, but sounding very much to me like a nod to early Prodigy work. Think ‘Music For The Jilted Generation’  before dropping it’s trap beat.

Next up is the ‘is it, isn’t it’ debut album from Jai Paul. Initially launched on bandcamp as the producers first full length debut, which the artist then claimed wasn’t release by him at all. I must admit I still have a listen to the man who’s initially offerings and demo’s were sampled by heavyweights such as Jay-Z. Got the pennies ready for the real release; whenever that might be. This track is what we think is called ‘All Night’. Expect a full-mastered version of BTSTU and a cover of ‘Crush’ by Jennifer Paige.

For those of you tempted by the riffing melodies of The James Cleaver Quintet you’ll be pleased to know the departure of a slightly infamous bassist by the name of Jimmy Diego has not hindered their work. They are back. My good friend and plugger Ivano has heard their work and he is not dissapointed. Which means we won’t be either. Trust the master when he hears a good’un.

What happens when you stick M.I.A. in Sweden and give her a dirty beat? You get Elliphant of course. After spending a summer travelling the UK and getting into dubstep, young Ellinor Olovsdotter transformed into Elliphant. Tweeted by Katy Perry as one to watch this Stockholm bird ain’t part of the Scandi-pop scene that’s going on at the moment. Nope. Far dirtier than that…

And finally it’s here – James Blake‘s ‘Overgrown’. Available to sample  before you buy over at Rdio. I’d recommend checking out ‘ Life Round Here’. Sampling like this just further heightens the need to hear this beastie. In full…

As well as being the name of an American novel, Wise Blood  is also the alias of Christopher Laufman who produces some interesting dance, indie, shoegazer infused music. Although not quite on the same level as his previous offerings of ‘Darlin’ Your Sweet’ it’s great to see Chris back on it musically and fingers crossed for some UK dates in the near future. Summer festival somewhere? Need to see this live.

Like what you hear? I play stuff like this and more on my weekly music radio show Alive And Amplified with a new episode going up every Thursday at 7pm. Come join us. We have alternative fun.

Elise x


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