#31 Music titbits for the holidays

A lot of us are off at the moment right? Easter breaks from school / Uni / any excuse to take a holiday and only use 4 days off the rota right? At least there’s been music to keep us going. 

Starting with Fall Out Boy. Now before some of your groan about it, it’s not like the last two tracks. It’s more poppy. But that makes it a bit less ’80’s beats and lots of treble’ that some of you are hating at the moment. C’mon! You can hear this being sung by 1000’s of people in fields / arenas / venues across the world this summer. A new anthem for the masses of Fall Out Boy fans. Clap your hands…

Enter Shikari decided to throw a new piece of material out this week too. It’s only 1minute 16 seconds. But it’s a rather explosive 1min16 and has the best drop at the end that only Shikari can give. Chris Batten deserves a knighthood for services to rattled ribcages and vibrations in speakers. Prepare yourselves…

I never know whether Cold War Kids are really cool or ‘just a me thing’. But time and time again they prove that they can write a hit song. And really catchy ones at that. Just got a copy of their new album ‘Dear Miss Lonelyhearts’ to tuck into and I can’t fault much about this 10-track offering. Aside from the singles we’ve all heard, why not check out ‘Lost That Easy’ on your palette.

Michigan producer Atu making his debut up next. Dub / sub / RnB / majestic casual…apparently. It’s less than 90seconds, but it’s capturing the mood spot on as I sit typing this on the first vaguely non-freezing evening of 2013 with the sunset streaming through my window.

Introducing you to London post-hardcore group Bloody Mammals next. Another grand discovering through the BBC Introducing in London uploads this week. Refreshing sound from four young men who claim to be fans of Darwin. Why not? 

I like guitars. I like drums. But fuck it, I respect it when I hear an MC do shizz like this. East London talent out there from Lady Lykez. I can hear the dudes like DJ Target and Jam on BBC Radio 1xtra going mental for this. 

Another example of the ‘Leeds effect’ on the locals here. Some of the most talented people in the country come from West Yorkshire. Athletes and musicians are taking the limelight at the moment. This week Fun Adults are taking the stage as the preferred side of Alt-J and a tonne of other great bands at the moment such as Half Moon Run. The band have spent last summer renovating a 200 year-old barn to record this sound and like Arcade Fire and their glorious church, quirky places can make something sound gorgeous.  More please. 

And keeping in the spirit of Leeds. Battle Lines. New and bringing elements of HAIM and relaxed Foals. This is the first I’ve heard of them and already I’m interested hearing as much as they’ve got. Would highly recommend following this link as it’s a free download if you like it! 

Battle Lines – Trust

And if you like what you’re hearing why not check out the Alive And Amplified radio show. Every Thursday at 7pm I upload you a weekly episode. I talk about new music, play it and we have fun for an hour. 

Elise x



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