#34 Just when you thought it was a bland week…

…a huge chunk of talent springs to my ears! Brilliant! Starting with the return of Stay + (pronounced stay positive). Heard them first as an emerging artist two years ago and attracting the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs to their fanbase. They’ve returned this time featuring Cooly G and sounding like a summer anthem already. We’ll be hearing this around the clubs and festival tents for months to come.

Next up is The Dilinger Escape Plan – relentlessly energetic both live and in their recordings. This is the offering from their forthcoming new album ‘One Of Us Is The Killer’ which is released next month. The video, albeit awesome, is not for children, those with a nervous disposition and generally humans who don’t mind watching Hellraiser and Freddy Kruger’s most graphic scenes on repeat for just under 4 minutes. Welcome to ‘When I Lost The Bet’.

Now for something that I’m relatively slow on this side of the pond – but coming to the UK as a single very soon. P.O.D. – West Coast Rock Steady. A realy summery tune from the numetal longstays, with elements of soul ‘throw you hands in the air’ type atmosphere. These guys are worthy of a tip of the hat at the best of times. Love it!

Ahh.. What a good sound. And it’s American. Arizona to be precise; and it comes in the happy, sing along form of ‘Happy’ by The Maine. New album is due June 2013. There are points in this song where 2mins 45 is not enough time to enjoy it’s greatness. But certianly enough time to appreciate some Weezer-esque riffs and quite frankly…be happy!

A heads up on a talented and artistic young lady from London town. After meeting her as part of BBC Radio 1xtra’s Sound of 2013 I am all ears whenever I hear of new work be her and her band. I’ve just heard 3 brand new tracks from Purple Ferdinand on the Uploader and all I can tell you is that when she decides to unleash them upon your ears you’ll be well and truly ready for chillaxing and summertimes. But just a reminder if you’re hearing her for the first time.

And leaving you with a preview for Dinosaur Pile-Up’s new album ‘Nature Nurture’. Sounding 11/10. Always.

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Elise x

#33 Soul, blues and rocknroll

Most of what’s come through this week on the music vine. Starting with Newtimers. Heard of them yet? Screaming an 80’s soul sound, that automatically made me think of Michael Jackson. Very summery and still we’ve got to hit 20degrees. 

Bibio aka Stephen Wilkinson is an established producer, but just coming to light in my ears with his track ‘You’. Taken from his forthcoming album ‘Silver Wilkinson’ coming out on Warp later this year. Although it takes a while to get going it’s a great summer garden tune when it does. Glad to have found this one. 

One from the BBC Introducing Uploader this week and it comes in the form of Rufio Summers. A blusey, rocknroll artist with some fantastic new music coming up that’s more in the line of Gary Clarke Jr, this is one piece of London talent to keep an eye on. 

And leaving you this week with a brand new London band called FRAUDS – aka Chris & Mike who create a right old racket not too dissimilar to the likes made by Queens Of The Stone Age on the timeless classic ‘Songs For The Deaf’ album. 

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Elise x