#34 Just when you thought it was a bland week…

...a huge chunk of talent springs to my ears! Brilliant! Starting with the return of Stay + (pronounced stay positive). Heard them first as an emerging artist two years ago and attracting the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs to their fanbase. They've returned this time featuring Cooly G and sounding like a summer anthem already.... Continue Reading →

#33 Soul, blues and rocknroll

Most of what's come through this week on the music vine. Starting with Newtimers. Heard of them yet? Screaming an 80's soul sound, that automatically made me think of Michael Jackson. Very summery and still we've got to hit 20degrees.┬áBibio aka Stephen Wilkinson is an established producer, but just coming to light in my ears... Continue Reading →

#32 Who’s a hipster now? Whatever.

...thanks for joining us this week. If you are, you're officially on the pulse of new music. One might call it being a hipster. I just call it liking new music. You can pick whatever title suits you. Arizona trio Moodie Black have presented some experimental hip hop that pays homage to Death Grips and... Continue Reading →

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