#30 An Easter treat!

Sod the eggs. All I want for Easter is new Queens Of The Stone Age? Well, someone was listening. Premiered at Lollapalooza Brasil last night is something of a masterpiece under the name of ‘My God Is The Sun’. We all started to get a bit excited when the original team from ‘Songs From The Deaf’ got back together, but with some added friends in the form of Trent Reznor and Alex Turner this new QOTSA record will be little short of genuis.


Still not sure what to make of the return of Depeche Mode. Distinctive Depeche vocals in a Trent Reznor/ Thom Yorke shell here. Not sure if we’re looking at a triumphant comeback or something like a wild card. Worth the first few listen throughs to decide mind you.

Wavves are back in the spotlight today with the title track from their album ‘Afraid Of Heights’. New wave grunge – elements of Weezer, San Diego and Nathan Williams and friends stamp of uniqueness on it. Lyrically we’re reminiscing to the 90’s alt. scene and musically it’s beautiful to welcome this style of sound back to the forefront.


‘The Chronicles of Marnia’ isn’t a bad name at all for singer / songwriter Marnia Stern. And when I say singer/ songwriter I just mean she can sing and write songs. Not just play a guitar and sing on a stool. We’re into album number 4 with Marnia, but she still offers a complexity and lyrical prowess that some bands shun this far into their careers. ‘East Side Glory’ or ‘Hell Yes’ sitting up there for picks off the album.


The first time I heard When Saints Go Machine I was in my infancy as a music picker. I knew it was great, I knew it sounded different to anything I’d heard before, but I couldn’t sell it to someone with as much assurity as I can today. Copenhagen has many things to offer, but a combination of hip hop, electro-indie, strings and haunting vocals in one bought of 3 minutes is not one I would have suspected.


To me Majical Cloudz is for electro-indie what Patrick Wolf is for folk. A fountain of talent and admirable skill in the art of song-writing and performance. Canadian writer Devon Welsh’s work is just as much as an aural artform as a performance and making instruments sound right together. I’m steadily looking forward to the album this track is hosted called ‘Impersonator’ which drops May 21st.

And of course! Can’t leave you a post on an Easter Sunday without Death Metal Vicar. Because remember kids…it’s all about Easter man.

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Elise x


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