#28 Swift update with all the new stuff in the shadows.

As we await the summer gems to come through, (QOTSA & Dinosaur Pile-Up’s new albums being my highlight), we’ve got a quiet week for new bits.

Everyone liked the Sugababes in one guise or another right? The original line-up  (Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan) are back and I’ve even heard a well-respected member of the rock world rejoice in this song, so it MUST be good. Spin on Kendrick Lamar anyone? Tick!

Wavves are the new Weezer / Nirvana. People have been saying they’re fronting up the grunge revival. You could argue grunge never died, but good ol’Nathan and team is really bringing back that gorgeous 90’s sound that I’ve missed for so long. San Diego musicianship at it’s finest.

Ah… you can always trust The Dillinger Escape Plan to make a fucking riotous rock song and here they have again. New music comes in the form of ‘Prancer’. We’re all waiting for the announcement of the fifth studio album and this is the first track from it we all assume. Good!

And lastly for what the band describe as twisted pop and I simply call alternative – Disemboweled Sharks. I heard them whilst listening through the BBC Introducing Uploader for London and you can find more on their soundcloud if you dig the style: https://soundcloud.com/disemboweledbysharks

I’ll be spinning more of tracks like this and the best from the alt / rock scene in a lovely radio show that I broadcast on here (see AAA Radio tab above) every Thursday 7pm. Click over and see if you like too – interviews, your opinion, your request tracks and the best from the alt scene awaits.

Elise x


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