#27 Whilst some are out at SXSW, we can still make a bloody good show here

I’ve had to wave goodbye to a few happy chappys going to get their flight’s out to Austin, Texas this weekend. Bah! Next year I shall be there expanding my ears with all the bands. And taking you along in spirit of course…via the the blog

Now, it’s not just indie, alt, garage rock bands out there on the line-up, but I must admit it’s probably the area I’d be most interested in. Found a band called Babes on the net today. Can’t beat a bit of modern day rock’n’roll infused with a garage thrash out sound. Nevermind that they’ve got a song called ‘Shit Myself’, we’ll concentrate on something a bit more palatable to start.

James Blake fans are that little bit closer to getting the second album ‘Overgrown’ – released April 8th this year. We’ve only heard Retrograde, which people went mad for a little while back and now we’ve got the second track ‘Digital Lion’. With the first 60 or so seconds it sounds like another soulful and smooth offering, but then throws down a proper producer’s beat that makes it a whole ‘nother song. Blake has mastered the use of ‘hmmm’ in tune to make a song though hasn’t he? 


Now. Some of you might know I do some work with BBC Introducing in London as part of my weekly life cycle. I listen to all your lovely tunes that come through the Uploader and make sure the right people get to at least hear it, (no radio plays promised). That’s anyone from Asian Network, to 6music to Radio 1 to the nitty gritty specialist 1xtra shows. Just one click away. But this gorgeous sounding band The Sirens comes from Camden Town and I love ’em! How comes I’ve never heard of them before? Oh well. Late to the party is better than not knowing right? 

<insert quirky track time> Lo! Behold Another discovery from the Uploader from over a year ago. But now I’ve got a reason to share it via this blog. And with a ukelele revamp it sounds just a random but delectable as the first time we heard it. ‘New Shoes’ anyone? 

Bit of bass anyone? Scotland’s where it’s at at the mo. Hudson Mohawke who is a fucking genius in my opinion, Unicorn Kid who’s doing all the right things to go sky high anytime soon and then we’ve got Rustie who throws down bangers like this. If anyone want’s to relive some Saturday night memories here we go: 

New York duo Javelin are trying their best to combine rock, electro and indie in one sound. And it’s not the disastrous cacophony that you imagine. No, quite the contrary. It’s bloody genius! From their album ‘Hi-Beams’ this is one of the stand-out tracks, but not by much. They’re all just as intricate, aurally desirable tunes. 

It’s good to hear a bit of female lead rock. Yes. If you want to be bland and generic think Evanescence and Paramore style. But it’s not really that. Not properly. Pryti Gatge has her anthemic riff lead rock songs, with a strong vocal and more importantly a mass appeal sound. To those who know rock, she could do tonnes in the Kerrang / Rocksound world and I’m looking forward to hearing more from this one. Described by Sam from the Architects as a ‘really fucking angry Cheryl Cole’ which ain’t a bad way to hear it to be honest.

And leaving you with a heads up to the new Dolar ‘Misteria EP’. I’ve heard the whole things it’s a stunner. Mix of rap, beats and musicianship at it’s most creative. Love it. I’ll leave you with a beautifully dark remix of The Weeknd to tempt you until it gets out there. If I post anything here I will have my hypothetical balls strung…respect for the artists as well. Like it. Buy it. You know the drill. 

To hear this and more from the alt. rock scene why not check out the Alive And Amplified radio show? It’s uploaded every Thursday evening on this very blog. Check out the link at the top and listen back to all the latest interviews and shows. It’s fun if everyone comes along and joins in too. 

Elise x


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