#26 Oh! That’s who it is

…when a band breaks up and you’re sitting there thinking damn. He / She / They were talented…and then you realise your new favourite artist is that he/she/them. It’s a good day.

So when I realised Paul Dixon who fronted David’s Lyre was actually masquerading as F Y F E I was pretty happy. His second track ‘St. Tropez’ really shows off his fantastic voice. Glad to have you back Paul! A much more upbeat poppy sound than David’s Lyre, I think it shows off his appreciation for instruments without being pushed into a classical category.

Ah – nice bit of scuzzy 90s sounding rock in the same vein of Dinosaur Jr or anything really that makes you want to pack it all in and go join a band, play in a shed and use your middle  finger liberally. Say hi to Milk Music. Frontman Alex does speak of classic songwriters and pays far more homage to his musical inspirations than the style of music first leads to. This is not just a bunch of musicians playing instruments, it’s a carefully prepared rock out with a nod to the greats.

New genre alert time – cryptically romantic pop. I can hear that I spose. This New Jersey songstress is as complex with her layered sound as she is with her lyrics, speaking of churches, purity and start signs.  SZA is a beautiful ‘Little Dragon’ stop moment.

Following on from last week’s post on Doldrums we’ve only been treated to the full-length album to listen to on Soundcloud! Nice! Haven’t picked a favourite yet but ‘Lesser Evil’ isn’t a bad LP to listen through in it’s entirety.

And leaving you with a really promising Baltimore band called Roomrunner. ‘Weird’ is off their debut LP ‘Ideal Cities’ that I most certainly will be getting my hands on. Sounds a bit like the emerging ‘Future Of The Left’ type sound I loved a couple of years ago when I first heard then.

And there we go! This weeks round up. Look out for new Alive And Amplified podcasts coming your way on this blog from now on. Broadcasting for the last time on DIY Radio this Thursday at 7pm with an interview with Willy Moon ready to rolllllll.

Elise x


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