#30 An Easter treat!

Sod the eggs. All I want for Easter is new Queens Of The Stone Age? Well, someone was listening. Premiered at Lollapalooza Brasil last night is something of a masterpiece under the name of 'My God Is The Sun'. We all started to get a bit excited when the original team from 'Songs From The... Continue Reading →

#29 A healthy new wave of music is coming through.

Big smiles all around! The winter drought is over. Yay! Cue the new / B-side Rustie track making nice vibes down the ears. Free download too if you like your trap infused dance music. Sounding amazing on a good set of speakers. Sub woofers ahoy! Seems like someone's put the heavy filter on Sigor Ros and it's... Continue Reading →

#26 Oh! That’s who it is

...when a band breaks up and you're sitting there thinking damn. He / She / They were talented...and then you realise your new favourite artist is that he/she/them. It's a good day. So when I realised Paul Dixon who fronted David's Lyre was actually masquerading as F Y F E I was pretty happy. His second... Continue Reading →

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