#25 The rise of male singers and the best of the rest.

Let’s start by saying Jacob Banks ‘Worthy is a stunning song. A young man from Birmingham who used to keep his singing a secret from his mum because he was worried she’d tell him to get a proper job. I can’t stop listening to that track.

And secondly, in a vaguely similarly vein let’s introduce Kwabena Abjepong aka Kwabs. A soul singer who’s taken the whole Michael Kiwanuka legacy and brought the tempo up a notch. A beautiful voice which has strong hints of Luther Vandross, (thanks mum for that knowledge). As an introductory track ‘Spirit Fade’ is stunning.

DOLDRUMS – a 23-year old DJ who makes some fantastic beats. ‘Golden Calfs’ is the latest splurge from this guy. With off-beat out of tune turns and tweaks. But it works…

Now SolCal rockers Tero Melos have been a bit quiet over the past two years, but this started popping up online over the last few days and it’s got my excited again to hear their crazed indie pop rock sound. From the forthcoming album “X’ed Out”, available April 16th, it’s got riffs and math rock builds and chord progressions to keep you interested for all 3minutes 30.


I hadn’t heard of Purling Hiss before today, but I’m glad I stumbled across this awesomely easy on the ear Philly rock. Want to hear a bit more of theres. If anyone knows any good tracks I should head for, all recommendations would be gratefully received!


And leaving you with some great European turntable masters C2C. There’s a very vibrant and unique dance scene coming from France and Coups2Cross (C2C), has taken no less than 15 years to make a full-length album. And it’s been a great thing to wait for.  Hints of Papa Deluxe, Daft Punk, but under it all good bass and a beat. Check out ‘Tetra’, the full-length in all it’s glory, but here’s a little sample for you ears.

And join me for more new music and classics from the alt. music scene every Thursday from 7pm via DIY Radio for Alive And Amplified


Elise x


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