#24 Across the genres and from all the corners…

…of the world that is. We’ve had a good spread this week. 

Swimming In Speakers – initially I thought it was a London Grammer style sound, but if you want to browse their soundcloud page it’s a varied thing. From New York and in their infancy as an artist it’s quite a nice alt. indie electro vibe going on. 

Next up some homegrown talent from London town. A dance, dub, indie, electro, pop, moohmbaton…every genre artist Stark Dangerous reminds me a little of Robert DeLonge who’s going out to eager ears at this years SXSW and being supported by some world class DJ talent at the moment. Try ‘Kiss Chase Theory’ for starters…

Rival Schools popped back into the rock limelight this week by announcing their next album ‘Futures’. When guitarist Ian Love left the band they spent some time recording with their new guitarist and finding their new sound. This resulted in several songs leaking on the net which was dubbed the ‘lost album’ by hardcore fans. I for one completely missed it! But am pretty happy it’s come to my attention, starting this week with the release of ‘Indisposable Heroes’. If you’ve not heard of this band before, it’s post-hardcore, American rock at it’s best.

I’m not sure what to think of KooKoo House, but it’s interesting. A British artists with a funky dance sound. ‘Bubblegun’ is the introductory track we think, but there’s a few to go through if this takes your fancy on the soundcloud page.

And leaving you with a heads up on a new punk rock artist. Supported by the punk kings of the world already and with a promising debut album this is Axis Of

So join me from 7pm or on listen back on DIY Radio for Alive And Amplified. We’ll play alt. music, bring you some gig news, some big interviews with artists and the next generation of new music.

Elise x 




2 thoughts on “#24 Across the genres and from all the corners…

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  1. Loooove Swimming in Speakers and nice choice in song selection from the album. The whole album is beautiful, but that ones my favorite.

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