#23 Discovering new music that’s more than just a hook…

Always a good thing. Some songs are INCREDIBLE. But after you’ve rinsed the track’s chorus for the 10th time, you’re like, yeah – done with that now. Luckily I’ve discovered some tracks that have a bit more staying power for this week.

Gotta throw in the Alive And Amplified oddball first off. I heard the hype. First play in the world last week. James Blake. Wasn’t really into the first wave, but then I was probably too busy with my head in an amp at that point to notice any other genres. But his voice is pretty captivating. With a similar vocal appeal to that of Sam Smith, (Disclosure – Latch), but with a far more intelligent beat. Give it a go.

This is easily my track of the week. I’m not sure what will come at us from the music world, but I’d like to see it try and beat it. Dungeonesse – you heard of them? I hadn’t until a few hours ago. A collab between Jon Ehrens and singer  Jenn Wasner. The kind of sound I expected Jessie Ware to sound like when people first went banging on about the debut. This is much better.

Bonaparte are a rather eccentric group of Germans who have an essence of Kasabian – think Vlad the Impaler for this track. Going out to SXSW if you are – I can imagine they’re quite the spectacle live. The rest of their tracks are a bit too electro-pop, but this is a great introduction to the band and what they can do.

If I came from Austin, I totally make music like this. I’d set up a shed in the middle of my dust bowl garden and rock out in it. To stuff like this. A Giant Dog have oddles of rock’n’roll swagger and are going to go down well at SXSW.  Punk, scuzz, rock. I don’t care if it’s bar chords. Sometimes you don’t need anything fancy to jump about to. This is fun.

I don’t usually get the whole Latino rock scene. I just haven’t found a really decent, grab-your-attention type band yet and the language can be quite the barrier. Alas – the SXSW 2013 roster proved me wrong this year with a track by Candy 66. Initially a bit growly but the chorus has a great rhythm and catchy hook. And the video’s a pretty simple idea but well made, I watched it all just to see what happened let along for the song.

And last bit for this week before I go back out on the scent of some new awesome stuff is The Zolas. They have nothing to do with Arcade Fire, but they’re from Vancouver and one half of the duo does remind me of Will…so I can’t help it. Mildly similar in musical style too. I always try and picture where people would be best suited consuming songs when I hear them. In a pit surrounded by 100s of other sweaty music goers? On a film soundtrack? This song is definitely a drive through a sunny place with the window down and sunglasses on – possibly via a well-known radio station when it’s got big and daytime playlisted.

Join me Thursday evening from Alive And Amplified – 7pm for the best in alt. music over on DIY Radio. But until then, Keep Calm And Rock On.

Elise x


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