#22 The mixed bag

As it says there’s been a spread of music coming through this week. I’ve been saving up some corkers for the coming SXSW 2013 line-up, but there’s some fresh meat and returns to the scene, starting with Gary Clark Jr. 

Althought the sound has been covered by The Black Keys and other Nashville aritsts down the line in history, it’s always great to see a true blues rock stars coming to the forefront. From the new album Black & Blue, ‘Numb’ is a great swagger and rock track.

The Flaming Lips, with their oversized lazer hands, (that may or may not have been returned after being nicked from an Australian festival), and generally being a bit rad of late. Releasing some really odd sounding music from the Flaming Lips collection of late, but this is another one that kinda works. I can imagine this being a Bestival anthem. You get what I mean…?

Time for the wildcard! Robert DeLonge –  someone I’d only really known about as a producer before now, but has just released a really catchy electro pop tune ahead of his SXSW showcase. I can’t help but think of Jake Shears from Scissor Sisters when I hear him sing. This track ‘Global Concepts’ has a tropical vibe and although when you listen to it you can instantly think of how it sounds like a few people, I can’t quite pinpoint it exactly. Hmm. Moohmbaton showing pop how it’s done.

Now, please keep in mind this is an early demo. But I’ve been told a proper studio version is on the way from London band Deathbeams. Love it when I hear some post-grunge rockiness being made. I can imagine people going mental in the states for this when it’s properly mastered and I know there’s more of me out there in the UK that will adore this band. Watch this space. But for now – the ‘Bromance’ demo.

And saving the best till last for this weeks post! New Politics – bringing you some killer indie rock riffs from Denmark with some stops in New York. This is exciting and the other 40 thousand odd of you on Facebook that like them as well think the same. Think boucy Vampire Weekend meets happy style editors meets Two Door? With more happiness? I like it 🙂

Catch music like this and more with me over on DIY Radio for Alive And Amplified – every Thursday from 7pm.

Elise x

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