#25 The rise of male singers and the best of the rest.

Let's start by saying Jacob Banks 'Worthy is a stunning song. A young man from Birmingham who used to keep his singing a secret from his mum because he was worried she'd tell him to get a proper job. I can't stop listening to that track. And secondly, in a vaguely similarly vein let's introduce Kwabena... Continue Reading →

#24 Across the genres and from all the corners…

...of the world that is. We've had a good spread this week. Swimming In Speakers - initially I thought it was a London Grammer style sound, but if you want to browse their soundcloud page it's a varied thing. From New York and in their infancy as an artist it's quite a nice alt. indie electro vibe... Continue Reading →

#22 The mixed bag

As it says there's been a spread of music coming through this week. I've been saving up some corkers for the coming SXSW 2013 line-up, but there's some fresh meat and returns to the scene, starting with Gary Clark Jr.  Althought the sound has been covered by The Black Keys and other Nashville aritsts down... Continue Reading →

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