#20 The new year begins to awaken some fresh talent

2013 will undoubtedly be the year of some great returns to music – the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Bring Me The Horizon and even Justin Timberlake, (because admit it, we’re all a little bit curious to hear what’s happened to ol’cry me a river face); but the emerging talent is starting to get it’s name out there. Heard of Bonjour Machines? F y f e? Well…you’re about to learn.

Starting with a great heads up courtesy of KROQ FM in America. If you like Arcade Fire, The Killers and a good American rock out you’ll be very interested to hear Papa. An L.A. duo who as yet have only popped this song up on Soundcloud. I’ve only heard one other track of theirs and it’s promising. Debut is album due this year and the track ‘Put Me To Work’ is quite a stand alone triumph of music by itself.

Tel Aviv. Not the hotspot in the world for indie, post-hardcore, emo infused band right? But there is at least one that’s got some killer riffs. They’re called Bonjour Machines and with their introductory self-titled EP I can hear the early painful screams of Kurt Cobain mixed with the intelligent math rock sound we hear in various bands today. It sounds beautiful. ‘Rendezvous’ is the lead track to my ears.

Trap and crunk. Not genres I’ll dare to suggest I have a deep knowledge of by any means, but the buzz around this track combined with the fact I hear it and it registers as a TUNE in my ears means it’s worth you listening to. Not as underground sounding as Burial, but with the same sub-dub beats you’d expect from the leaders of the trap clan. If you want to hear more check out the Laid Out EP. Who says you need a real human voice to have emotion eh?

Now. If you look her up on facebook, Verity Susman is sporting a moustache. Which is brilliant news, but it has nothing to do with her music. London via Brighton with an indie, electro spin and you’ve got this refreshing sound. Would love to hear more, so I’ll see you at Electrowerkz later this month when she’s playing yeah?

f y f e is a 23 year-old Londoner. He’s also male. And he sounds like this. (For now this is all we know). But I hear speckles of Tom Vek and alt-J  in this and that is a great combination in the current music scene.

And one last track for you this week. You remember The Neighbourhood right? ‘Sweater Weather’ was the amazing track followed by some well made, but less impacting tracks throughout the year. Well, they could very well have opened the door for others to follow their sound. Sir Sly is one of them: another L.A. based artist taking influence from indie, hip-hop, beats and electro-pop. And melding it quite successfully.

And there you have it. A hopefully enjoyable round-up of the best of the new this week. If you like your music alternative and particularly fancy listening to an interview with Mallory Knox then come and join me for Alive And Amplified, every Thursday from 7pm on DIY Radio or on listen-back straight after. We have a ball.

Elise x

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