#19 I wish I was going to SXSW 2013 :-/

It takes FOREVER, but it’s definitely worth going through all the bands attending SXSW as you’ll almost certainly pick out your new favourite band (x 15). Which is what I’m currently working through whilst doing all the usual stuff. So here’s the initial sweep of bands plus a few extra to tempt your ears.

Let’s start with the oddball to Alive And Amplified and introduce you to Austin based DJ / producer Bird Peterson.  As you browse through his soundcloud portfolio you can see how he’s developed as an artist and remixer culminating in this deep rework of Kendrick Lamar’s Swimming Pools (Drank). The original is a pretty good tune, but this bass has brought an edge to it second time round.

There’s quite a back story to Brooklyn quartet Ambassadors. They’ve had their struggles to keep the band together, including a rather heartfelt chapter involving a kidney transplant by a loving mum we’ve got music from these guys to enjoy. Like a bit of drummery, (yes that’s a real phrase…as of now) and you’ve got the basis of ‘Unconsolable’. In the wake of artists such as Imagine Dragons and FUN. this opens the door for variations of that sound to come through (these guys have better vocals mind you)

Now with SXSW you can get new artists from across the world being invited to play. I must admit those outside of the USA / AU area are hit and miss, but there are some gems from quite random places. How about a grunge infused band from Brasil? Yeah? Well they come in the form of Black Drawing Chalks and although their facebook blurb is entirely in Spanish, (of which I know how to say yes, no, please, thank you and take the first left), I know a promising tune when I hear it.

If you’re reading from the other side of the pond you might have caught IAMDYNAMITE on tour with Sum 41. Not a bad match at all for this Detroit duo who have all the antics and the beat of a punk-pop band. And with a debut album called ‘SuperMegaFantastic’ it’s gotta be tried right? And the video for ‘Where Will We Go’ is a bit trippy to watch! YEAH!

And until we hit the air with Alive And Amplified more from the alt. music scene this Thursday from 7pm on DIY Radio I’ll leave you with the band who’s picked my ears up the most. Gemini Club. Chicago trio with an indie electronic spin. Compared to the likes of Two Door Cinema club and other big names in that world I really think they hold their own. They sound distinctly different to these bands and it’s just a music journo way of trying to compare them to big names. Which works in some respect. This is a tune. And we’ll be spinning it on the show for sure.

See you Thursday eve for more of the best!

Elise x


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