#18 Let’s get back to business music people!

Hello! Welcome to 2013 everyone. Glad we all made it, hope it was a nice break etc etc. Lots of new bits kicking about on the blogs since January 1st to share with you!

Let’s start with Issues. ATL / LA band that have released their debut EP ‘Black Diamonds’ in 2012 and have been named one of Kerrang’s Top 5 bands for 2013. It’s a strange mix of metal, rock and at times an attempt by the vocalist to sing like Conor Maynard, (I shit you not!), but I like it. Try ‘Princeton Ave’ as a start to your discovery.

Now, California X are no strangers to this blog, but they’re sound is so promising! Next track up is ‘Spider X’ and this kinda rock’n’roll sound with some indie spice is sure to get heads turning. With new material due to come piling out to our ears in 2013, lets see if they can keep the trend of tunes up!

Lovely to see a bit of scuzz returning to the scene. And an interesting trend with band names with the word ‘white’ in them. White Stripes, (get that sound cued up on your head). Now imagine they are a brother, sister duo from Chicago with ginger afros. They are ‘White Mystery’ and they make tracks like ‘Secret Garden’. Love it!

Bringing the tone down a bit; I wanted to post this track as it is a nice weekend chill out song. BUT! Also, because it sounds like that song. From the adverts, films and pretty much everything else you’ll watch that involved someone sticking their head out of an American car whilst cruising down a highway. Angel Olsen ‘Sweet Dreams’. You’ll see what I mean.

See what I mean! Yeah.

And as a lastly snippet before you’re all invited to join me over on DIY Radio for Alive And Amplified; this Thursday from 7pm, have some new Bring Me The Horizon. Simply unstoppable. And Oli Sykes is one fucking cool name to have for a frontman. ‘Shadow Moses’ – the first taste of Sempiternal – the new album due this year!!


See you Thursday 7pm on DIY Radio!

Elise x




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