#16 Happy Christmas everyone :-)

Well – nearly, but not quite. So if you’re in search of some new stuff before you have to open presents and be merry and all that terrible stuff here’s a few bits to tide you over.

Brought to my attention by a certain Steph who knows her stuff at Domino, Pierce The Veil are the latest post-hardcore band to grab my attention. Think At The Drive In, Coheed And Cambria with a Panic! At The Disco thrown into a San Diego melting pot and that’s what you get. Tipped for big things in 2013.

Another recommendation that came over a pre-Xmas pint comes from I Am Giant. Huge in New Zealand and relocating to do their thing here, we’re talking a mass appeal rock artist similar in some ways to the early noughties onslaught of Incubus / Foo Fighters styles. They’ll do well on the American radio circuit, but I’m not entirely convinced we’re looking at the next Killers just yet. We’ll see though. ‘Purple Heart’ is a big track.

Josh Homme. There’s not much he can do wrong. He’s making the final tweaks to the new Queens Of The Stone Age album. He’s paired up with David Sardy, producer of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds debut album and other things. If you’re thinking you’ve heard this before, it’s probably during the end credits of the ‘End Of Watch’ film with Jake Gyllenhaal. He’s an incredible musician this man and this is another display.

And a fresh piece of music to leave you with comes from The Amplifetes. A Swedish quartet that have their second album due in 2013. I hear Yeasayer in this. Passion Pit. But one factor that could be a drawback for them is the time of year this has popped up. Would sound a lot better blasting out of a speaker in the early summer right? Hmm…

OK! So – you’re allowed to go off and have Christmas now, but remember, there’s an entire backlog of Alive And Amplified shows to have a browse though. But on Thursday evening I’ll be posting you Alive And Amplified’s Top 10 Tracks of 2012. Not to be missed. No show next week as the station is in festive shut-down, (you know the drill). But this’ll be a good read.

Happy Christmas 🙂

Elise x



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