#15 The pre-christmas flush


Steady on with the mulled wine peeps. Still some good music seeping through before we get completely possessed by christmas, (or a hatred off it), for next week. Deptford Goth is back again. We were promised an album release in early 2013 and judging by the quality of ‘Life After Defo’ and the new offering ‘Union’, it’s going to sound exquisite.


Taking another spotlight on the London scene briefly we’ve got some promising talent from London Grammer, a trio from the capital with the same haunting appeal of Daughter or MsMr.

Now Don Broco have earnt the title of Best New British Rock Band for 2012 in the Elise hall of fame. They’ve obviously been around for more than a year, but with the release of their debut album and various show stopping performances at gigs and festivals around the country I absolutely love ’em! ‘Fancy Dress’ is the next single from self-titled LP.

Eugene McGuinness: Now I found a stunning photo of young Eugene on my rounds about the Radio 1 box of golden oldies the other day.


He’s changed a bit – but still lovely. And still making some quirky, unique tracks like ‘Cinema Paradiso’ as premiered this week.

Who is Mikky Ekko? With a melifluous vocal similar to Jesse of The Neighbourhood, he’s the latest thing to come out of the ever prosperous Nashville. Taking singer /songwriter down an avenue I can only wish the majority would follow he presents ‘Pull Me Down’ as a free download. But don’t stop there. The boys soundcloud page is a vault of haunting beauties to mesmorise you this christmas period.

Blood Red Shoes will release a new EP –  ‘Water EP’  on January 21st and you’re going to LOVE it. Think Laura-Mary and Steve infused with some Turbowolf-esque riffage and some quality new material from the Brighton duo. ‘Red River’ is the lead track and you know it’s a good’un when you’re already thinking about how amazing this track will sound live, when you go see them play this as soon as they announce some dates. Get in…

And to wrap up this week, I’d like to announce that Nathan Williams is a genius of the musical kind. He also hails from San Diego with his rad band Wavves. Three albums in and they’re not slowing down it seems. ‘King Of The Beach’ was released in August 2010 and now they’ve given a taste of #4  in the form of ‘Sail To The Sun’.

For more of this noisy alternative bollocks come lend an ear Thursdays from 10pm on DIY Radio. Alive And Amplified is the home of the alt. rock scene.

Elise x



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