#14 The first sign things are ‘shutting down’ for 2012.

It’s sad, but true. I’ve noticed that things have started to ‘shut down’ in the music world for 2012. Lots of announcements of 2013 tours, new albums and people currently on tour, but the new music itself; that’s starting to have a christmas break I reckon.

Still a few tracks though to tempt your ears this week starting with another new genre, (this one tickled my fancy) ‘warstep’. Heavy dance and dub where the drop could be likened to gunfire or artillery. Meet Gore Tech,  Manchester DJ / sound designer and the father of warstep it seems.

Young Fathers, an Edinburgh hip-hop trio whom I met whilst recording at the Roundhouse in Camden. Taking elements of dub, dance and tribal into this new track ‘Sister’. Looking forward to their next release, but if you want to catch them live in the meantime, they’re passing around the country in early 2013.

Now! My track of the week over on Alive And Amplified on DIY Radio, Thursday from 10pm is from Tuscan based Cy Dune. Frontman Seth has the art of melodic cacophony down to a tee and he’s rivalling White Denim. See what you think and throw your feedback my way!

Every week I team up with the music team over at 4ZZZ in Brisbane, Australia for the best in AU alt. music and this week something interesting was sent my way. The Coup sounds like a tame Cerebral Ballzy. Based in California the band are entering their 22nd year of existence and show no signs of slowing down. If you like to think about your lyrics and enjoy a good soul influenced instrumental to support this is for you.

And one gig I realllllllllllly want to be at this year will be the end of the world Prodigy events at Brixton next week. With ‘The Fat Of The Land’ being celebrated alongside general Prodigy awesomeness, there’s been some amazing remixes presented by the band. May I introduce to you what happens when some of the worlds current talent meets the fathers of dance classic material…

And until  next week, join me over on DIY Radio Thursday from 10pm for the best in alt. music.

Elise x


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