#13 Getting a bit cold outside, but the music is still coming.

Yes indeed it is! Blimey – hat, coat and gloves are apparently not enough, but when you put some headphones on the world warms up instantly.

A short while ago on twitter I made a comment about a new band called Pissed Jeans. Now they say you can tell a lot in a bands name, and I was a little bit skeptical that this band would be anything – but some very credible sources tweeted me back and said I NEED to listen. So I did. And now so do you. Not only because you might like it, but I think in the same vein of Cerebral Ballzy, you’ll want to have heard it by the time it hits main page NME.

Another one from the Swedish electro-pop female vocal scene? Maybe. But I’ve heard some people comparing her talent and potential at the same level as Rihanna so let’s have a listen first. From her self-titled, self-produced EP, the tag-line sell from her promoters is enough to keep me interested for now. “Ellinor Olovsdotter slowly morphed into Elliphant through the course of a long (and lost) summer travelling in the UK with only a dubstep soundsystem for company. After falling in love with the urban music sounds of London she returned home to Stockholm, on Sweden’s East Coast, boasting sizzling MC skills and some serious lyrical prowess.”

It was nice to see Manchester trio Dephic making the main page of the Australian music leaders Triple J earlier this week. Their new offering ‘Baiya’ may have similar chords and elements of previous ear-catching tunes, but Delphic are in a great position to push themselves into the main music scene with this track.

Friends and veteran young musicians to the London scene Arrows Of Love got the jackpot last week by supporting Skunk Anasie in the capital. Keep an eye on them. They’re building momentum and getting themselves in the right peoples sight. They look the part, they play the music and if you ever get to sit and grab a beer with them you’ll love them too.

And a lasting track for this week comes from Harry George Johns. A man that I had the pleasure of meeting through the Dinosaur Pile-Up days when he played bass for the trio and stayed in touch with. Though not a close friend, this song was a shock and relief at the same time. To understand why he had vanished off the radar for a while was explained and a delight that just a guitar and some singing helped to get him back on track. Heartfelt lyrics from a musician with a wealth of experience.

Happy rubbing your hands together, seeing breath in the air, shivering in your not quite warm enough coat, walking that little bit faster in the weather week. Join me on Thursday 10pm, for Alive And Amplified on DIY Radio, where I blast music like this out and a bit more from the alt. music scene.

Elise x


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