#17 The Top Ten of 2012: Alive And Amplified Style

For those of you out there that check out my show, Alive And Amplified over on DIY Radio, you'll be expecting this. As promised the run down of the years top ten songs as we have caught them on Alive And Amplified, and as they have tickled our fancy. I'll avoid the word 'eclectic', but... Continue Reading →

#16 Happy Christmas everyone :-)

Well - nearly, but not quite. So if you're in search of some new stuff before you have to open presents and be merry and all that terrible stuff here's a few bits to tide you over. Brought to my attention by a certain Steph who knows her stuff at Domino, Pierce The VeilĀ are the... Continue Reading →

#15 The pre-christmas flush

  Steady on with the mulled wine peeps. Still some good music seeping through before we get completely possessed by christmas, (or a hatred off it), for next week. Deptford Goth is back again. We were promised an album release in early 2013 and judging by the quality of 'Life After Defo' and the new... Continue Reading →

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