#12 American’s stealing the show

This week we see the rise of the American bands. They were pretty good as it is, but this week they’ve owned the new music scene.

California X – ‘Pond Rot’ is the first single from the debut album from this duo. Another pair consisting of drums + guitars making a hell of a lot of noise. They’re from the same town as Dinosaur JR. And it seems Amherst is a rather good place to make music.

Now, New York City’s music scene is traditionally a mix of new wave indie, electro and now, thanks to this man, singer/songwriter. Gambles, aka Matthew Daniel Siskin has recorded a beautiful ditty for us to try out. A very enigmatic artist, he has posted just one message for fans and the music scene alike to feed off; ‘Will be releasing stuff soon’.

A far more upbeat offering comes from three-piece Guards. Frontman Richie is the brother of ‘Cults’ Matther Follin who has worked to produce a big indie alt sound with this new single ‘Coming True’. From the forthcoming LP of the same name.


And to end this week with someone I picked up on whilst out in San Francisco; Deerhoof. The natives to America’s foggiest well know city with a bridge, they’ve excelled themselves again. A previous ‘DIY NEU’ track for me over on DIY Radio’s Alive And Amplified ‘Mario’s Flaming Whiskers III’ has a great accompanying video too.

And that’s it for this week. I’ll be having a spin of some of these and a delve into more alt. music from the scene this Thursday from 10pm on Alive And Amplified – DIY Radio.

Elise x


PS – sneaky last entry by Australian production duo Jono and Gav. Sunken House – Jinja Safair (YesYou – The Pride Land Remix), sounding beautiful whilst the winter draws in.


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