#10 The next big thing and other stories…

The next big thing?  That could well come from [My Preserver]. Their debut album ‘Revolutions In the Head’ was something I was slightly skeptical about at first. I had heard the band from early on, with ‘King Jesus’ being a hit single. However when the track had a re-release I worried that the band would forever be in the shadow of this track. Happily, I was proved wrong. I can hear the likeness to older Muse soundscapes, hints of Kasabian even, but also the beginnings of another great British rock band.

Talking of next generation artists, , could well be the new Grimes or FOE. Copenhagen talent in the form of a female electro-pop sound. First offering ‘Pilgrim’ has been kicking about for a few weeks, but I think after a few listens I’m on board now.

Ok – I couldn’t write a blog without having a bit of scuzzy grunge in it could I? Let me introducing The Dirty Nil. Canadian trio who have creatively come up with their own genre of ‘Hammer Rock’. I LOVE this term. Let’s use it more. Actions and items to inflict injury are now used to describe genres. #standard

Taking the tone right down now before we blow our eardrums is the next Canadian artist of the week, Half Moon Run. Think Grizzly Bear with a touch of Arcade Fire. From their album ‘Dark Eyes’ which is a relaxed and pleasant listen if the mood suits you.

And lastly, since we’re in the spirit of comparisons, throw Foals and Friendly Fires in the blender and this may well come out. Mesita  – XYXY is a refreshing track full of instrumental genius, but with the underlying pop tone that should push this to more ears. James Cooley has made a wonderfully versatile piece here from his album ‘Futureproof’ – due next year.

For tunes like this and more from the world of alternative music  join me on DIY Radio for Alive And Amplified. Every Thursday from 10pm or on listen-back at your leisure.

Elise x


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