#12 American’s stealing the show

This week we see the rise of the American bands. They were pretty good as it is, but this week they’ve owned the new music scene.

California X – ‘Pond Rot’ is the first single from the debut album from this duo. Another pair consisting of drums + guitars making a hell of a lot of noise. They’re from the same town as Dinosaur JR. And it seems Amherst is a rather good place to make music.

Now, New York City’s music scene is traditionally a mix of new wave indie, electro and now, thanks to this man, singer/songwriter. Gambles, aka Matthew Daniel Siskin has recorded a beautiful ditty for us to try out. A very enigmatic artist, he has posted just one message for fans and the music scene alike to feed off; ‘Will be releasing stuff soon’.

A far more upbeat offering comes from three-piece Guards. Frontman Richie is the brother of ‘Cults’ Matther Follin who has worked to produce a big indie alt sound with this new single ‘Coming True’. From the forthcoming LP of the same name.


And to end this week with someone I picked up on whilst out in San Francisco; Deerhoof. The natives to America’s foggiest well know city with a bridge, they’ve excelled themselves again. A previous ‘DIY NEU’ track for me over on DIY Radio’s Alive And Amplified ‘Mario’s Flaming Whiskers III’ has a great accompanying video too.

And that’s it for this week. I’ll be having a spin of some of these and a delve into more alt. music from the scene this Thursday from 10pm on Alive And Amplified – DIY Radio.

Elise x


PS – sneaky last entry by Australian production duo Jono and Gav. Sunken House – Jinja Safair (YesYou – The Pride Land Remix), sounding beautiful whilst the winter draws in.

#11 The Birthday Week

So! As the post suggests, it’s my birthday week so forgive me for doing a little less work than usual.

Three tunes to share with you this week starting with someone who’s now got my full attention after this track. Jamie Lidell introduces ‘What A Shame’ from his forthcoming self-titled EP released on Warp Records. Think Cee-Lo Green but a bit whackier.

The Flaming Lips have been working on some abstract work. It’s labelled as ‘The Flaming Lips with…’ but it’s really the band trying to give as much exposure to the featuring artist as possible. Linear Downfall – 21st Century Schizoid Man  providing a nice direction after their work with pop queen Ke$ha.

And lastly for this week a Yalls remix of Blackbird Blackbird for you. One of DIY’s tracks on play this week.

If you like any of the music you hear check out Alive And Amplified on DIY Radio every Thursday from 10pm.

Elise x