#7 Australia and Leeds. My two favourite musical places at the moment.

WOW! Loved the night at The Borderline with Nine Black Alps. Not only were the bands bang on, Buffalo Ink playing the best set I’ve heard them play yet and looking really comfortable on stage. Nine Black Alps playing all the classics and a great selection from the new album ‘Sirens’ but one wildcard ‘now I love them!’ band called Castrovalva got my attention big time. Bit of metal mixed with Hadouken! I was told. They weren’t far off. Leeds performing at it’s finest and signed to a really cool label called Brew Records that is home to Nine Black Alps, Hawk Eyes and Blacklisters.

From their release ‘You’re Not In Hell, You’re In Purgatory,  My Friend’ try this on for size.

On completely the other side of the spectrum and indeed the world, we have the IT boy of dance Harley Streten aka Flume. Awesome new to the scene DJ from Sydney. Making big waves with his recent taste ‘Holdin On’ I’ve just heard the album taster and I can’t wait!

Great to see Placebo giving a heads up about their new release; an EP called B3EP to be precise. And here be it, the lead single:

The Weeknd have the next single on rotation ‘Wicked Games’. Have a listen. I feel that if you’re a Weeknd fan you’ll love the new album, otherwise this runs the risk of being more of the same.

And a lasting video for now: Die Antwoord – Fatty Boom Boom. Lady Gaga giving birth to a prawn and getting harpooned.

Love it.

Elise x


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