#6 Was worried about a dry week – then all the gems came flying in.

As the title says – I was initially worried we’d have a pretty dry week in terms of music and then I looked a little harder and almost missed so much great stuff out there! Global talent too.

First up – and if I had a hottest record, this would be it – is Sydney based artist Flume. He’s remixed others work for almost a year (in the big scene), and made some tracks before, but even on first listen this is really something.

Next up is the a quick look at the second push from reformed and refreshed Bloc Party. For those of your that have heard the album ‘Four’, you’ll agree this was a good move. Showing the fans, the critics and the new converts alike that Bloc Party still definitely do guitars.

Bare with me on this offering. It’s a bit rad. It’ll test your ears. If you’re listening on a high quality sound system the bass alone will probably sway you. Death Grips. Californian experimental hip-hop electronica. Something you’d expect to hear in the Matrix soundtrack with the likes of Rob D maybe. Very ‘future’ – but making big waves over the other side of the pond and certainly having an impact here.

The ‘Leaflings EP’ from Glass Animals will have you dribbling for me. None of this Alt-J or Tall Ships sound for me. It’s all about these guys. I’m really keen to see what comes next. Especially from a neuroscience student and friends.

Other bits to keep your ears on are the new How To Destroy Angels tracks and fingers crossed some kind of tour?!?! Yes please! The new Menomena single ‘Plumage‘ from their fifth EP is pretty catchy plus Pulled Apart By Horses have announced ‘Epic Myth‘ as their next single from the album Tough Love. This following the sad cancellation of their November tour due to external circumstances.

And I don’t care how urban this is – I often work with the BBC Radio 1xtra teams and have two working ears and this is a tune! nice sample.

Let me know what’s in your ears over on Twitter @EliseCobain.

‘Till next time…

Elise x


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