#5 Oh hi there music scene! I’ve missed you…

Nice to see you again! It’s been a long two-weeks away and to be honest, in a very geeky way, it was nice to come and delve straight back into the music blogs and reacquaint myself with the awesome thing that is music. And what a time to come back. Hello Trent Reznor!

How To Destroy Angels is Trent’s band with his wife and Atticus Ross. They’ve already delivered a self-titled EP back in 2010, but this new track from The Omen EP_ is damn tasty. Let me introduce you to ‘Keep It Together’

Next up is Vienna based London artist S O H N. Folky electro rock-pop if you want to pop it in a genre box for your filing. Released on AESOP in November this is the introduction track from his first EP. ‘T H E W H E E L’ is a great indie track.

I love the way that Scandi girls can hit ridiculously high notes. I think us British girls are a bit gruff vocally and it’s a bit of a struggle for us. Susanne Sundfor is one such Norwegian lady that has one of these lovely voices. And when she gets remixed by Kleerup & Enochson it  sounds gorgeous.

Keeping the female front up lets have a quick look at Eddie Front. Think the Sia-esque vocal you would have out on Ed Harcourt’s S Darko soundtrack if such an option was available.

Other things to keep your ear on would be the first and probably only rocky song you’ll hear from Keaton Henson. ‘Kronos’. A love or hate for Keaton fans. Compared to Placebo a trusty music conocer said to me today!? Well…if that’s how it sounds to you. Then so be it.


New music from Dutch Uncles (a free download) in the form of taster track ‘Fester’ is also kicking about. ESO who’ve been on tour with Marilyn Manson are releasing some great catchy tunes plus Young Father, (Edinburgh trio with a hip-hop electro feel) also making waves with their track ‘Deadline’. The new Muse album. Definitely worth a listen. ‘Follow Me’ is probably the only track aside ‘Unsustainable’ that has the Skrillex treatment. The rest are more prog rocky. Queen-esque. Different?! You’ll either love it or you’ll be a bit meh. Still to decide where I want to sit on that one. Check back in soon.

Till next week team!

Elise x


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