#4 As guitars make a reappearance in the Shazam world, here’s some more to wet your appetite…

So one last musical splurge before I immerse myself with the Sol Cal music scene. Back with you the first weekend of October. But for now enjoy these musical beauties.

Not usually my thing, but slowly converting to the sounds of this New York duo Ms Mr from their debut EP ‘Candy Bar Creep Show’ the track ‘Dark Doo Wop’ is rather lovely.

When Jared from Kings Of Leon and Nick from Mona get together they make some alright music. Together they work under the name Smoke And Jackall. The new release ‘EP No 1’ includes the single ‘No Tell’, but it’s not one of my favourites by far. Reminiscent of some of the more mellow tracks on ‘Come Around Sundown’ the track ‘Save Face’ is truly beautiful. Stand out. More please – especially in the Kings absence. Keep your ears out for that when it drops.

Dinosaur Jr., initially branded a Foo Fighters tribute band in the making are really coming into their own with this song. Yes – he may sound like Grohl, but look past that and what you’ve got is a fuzz / scuzz rock anthem with ‘Pierce The Morning Rain’

Brand new Deftones. And it’s free to download! That is all….

And as a last thought before I got to sample the Californian music scene in person for a fortnight I leave you with a sound from the new Grizzly Bear album ‘Shields’. For those of you seeing them on tour in October I’ll be joining you. If not for the love of their craft and of the first album ‘Veckatimest’ but for the love of this song off the new album. Beautifully crafted. I present ‘Speak In Rounds’.

Elise x


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