#3 How the hell have I never heard ‘Violent Soho’ before? And other music…

Every week I catch up with 4ZZZ – an alternative station in Brisbane, Australia that has a great selection of alternative music on it’s playlist. And this week’s Top 20 included a band by the name of Violent Soho.  They’re releasing a new single ‘Tinderbox’, which sounds great, but they’ve been going for at least 3-4 years from what I can see and they have the ‘Elise approved’ grunge/ alt rock’ stamp on them. How the hell have I never heard of them!? And what fun it’s going to be delving through their back catalogue. 🙂

An early favourite in my ears being ‘Muscle Junkie’. I hear Smashing Pumpkins in this. I hear The Vines in this. And I loved everything Craig Nicholls touched so I’m happy.

On the rest of the circuit this Pennsylvania two-piece have made a great cover version of  Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks. Night Panther sound a bit like Passion Pit. With a bit of indie Darwin Deez thrown in. Not a massive fan of ‘Fever’ which is their lead intro track. But I’m loving this cover:

Jethro Fox – Liverpool musical masterpiece who we love here on Alive And Amplified. Only 3-tracks in and I’m already dribbling at the thought of the debut album. Lonely Boy went up a few days ago. It’s my track of the week over on thisisfakeDIY and I can’t wait for a live date. Check out the youtube version of ‘Before’ recorded in a church. Amazing.

Elise x


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