#1 – The Chili’s didn’t mention California?

There’s been such a lot of activity on the new music scene this week! Every Thursday from 10pm ‘Alive And Amplified’ on DIY Radio brings you the best in new music from the alternative music scene, but here’s a sneak preview at the best on the circuit this week.

First up. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Two new singles from the 18 they’re planning to release this year. ‘Victorian Machinery’ sounds like something Incubus should have written for their last album. But a pleasant surprise for someone like me; expecting a ‘California’ style RHCP standard riff, we’re instead treated to a dark, grungey riff from the lovely new Joshua, replacing John Frusciante in the band’s line-up. 
My new find of the week goes to L.A duo Gangi. Fronted by Matt Gangi and joined by Eric Chramosta they’ve been kicking about in L.A. for a while, but the new album ‘Gesture Is’ is available to pre-order and definitely worth a nosey for your ears if the new track ‘Railways Nos. 1-27’ is anything to go by. ‘Outside Ones’ is also worth a listen. 
Also – feast your ears on some traditional riffage thanks to Norwegian rockers Blood Command. Starting like a remix of Pulled Apart By Horses  ‘High Five…’ and going off on a Coheed & Cambria feed ‘Cult Of the Dead Beat’ is yet another example of females doing rock proud. Rawrrrrrr!
Other tasty treats out there include the new Gallows self-titled album with some corker tunes on there, (look out for track 11), Papa Roach is back with the track ‘Still Swinging’, Green Day are making us drool with snippets of brand new tunes from Uno, Dos and Tres, (have a listen back to Zane Lowe’s 22nd August show. Oodles to keep you busy),  plus keep your eye on Nine Black Alps who are reliving the In Utero vibe with full force. 
Much love to you and your ears. 
Elise x

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